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Join Kelly Nicholson Monthly for

Sound Healing

Surrender your stress to the sound and swim in the freedom created by the frequencies. There is nothing you have to do.

These Sound Baths are all about letting go.
Sound healing is a healing modality consisting of a wide range of instruments that when played directly effect the mental, physical, emotional, and energetic bodies. Yes it is the sound that you hear but it is the vibrations that you feel that work their magic. We are all energy. Vibrating at different frequencies. Many different things in life, stress, anxiety, the busy day to day stuff can bring our frequency off balance. So what sound healing does is bring you back to your center. Back into balance and create a harmony within that you then take with you, back into your daily life.

For monthly workshop dates, and to register,

please go to the Courses page.

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About Kelly

Kelly is a healer in every sense of the word, holding sacred space for everyone she meets. She has dedicated her life to be a mirror, reflecting to those in her presence the Light that lies within us all. She is an intuitive artist channeling healing through the vibrations of color and sound. Creating harmony within while weaving the colorful threads of Light, we all are. Her desire is to activate your own inner alchemist and empower you to live the limitless lives we were meant to live.

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